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Pamela and Sean’s Wedding

Greek weeding is always a super fun wedding, and nothing changed the tradition of non-stop dancing, great food and band. Delicious food at the venue, really good   beautiful flower decoration, by an amazingly artistic florist Amy (Flowers By Amy) The overcast day allowed a very nice soft light for very romantic outside pictures.  … Read more »

Michelle and Rudy’s Wedding

The amazing wedding on the beach and yacht. This youthful couple knows what it is that makes them happy: it’s each other. Just like wind in the ocean their hearts hover together and forever, captured in motion captured by one of the New York’s most talented photographer Mariana Martinis of Glyph Creative Studio. #nyphotographer #newyorkphotographer… Read more »

Jessica and Luis’ Wedding

The wedding took place at Dyker Beach Golf Course. It was a rainy day but the wedding was amazing and with much style. The bride wore beautiful mermaid dress while the groom wore an intense cobalt blue suite and sucks with airplane pictures.

Miriam and Paul’s Wedding

They met online. Paul had asked Miriam out about 6-7 times but she kept saying no. They talked every day for 3 months and watched Harry Potter on the phone. The talks would usually last up to 1am and texts would continue all day long. Then they finally met in May 2014 at a bar… Read more »

Newborn Photo Session

Another exciting photo session by Mariana Martinis. As always offering photography for couples as well as for babies and their parents. The mother (Chastity) of this sweet baby,  won a free Mini-studio session at the MAMA’s expos back in April. She used her mini session for newborn photos of her son acquired with Glyph’s assistance.

Nancy and Alex’s Wedding

In modern dating, two computers, the internet, and a paid algorithm brought Nancy and Alex together via eHarmony website. The couple had their first date at Sofia’s Wine Bar in Midtown East. The weeding took place in New York and the photoshoot was conducted by Mariana Martinis of Glyph Photography Studio, who initiated the first look at the central park, where the… Read more »

Kris and Chris’ Wedding

Charming Kristin, confident and charismatic Christopher plus one professional New York’s photographer Mariana Martinis was all it took to create a fantastic outdoor and indoor photoshoot for this lovely wedding. Glyph Creative Studio continues to deliver remarkable photography for couples, families and kids. Contact Glyph today to book your special event photography in NY.

Pamela’s and Sean’s Engagement Session

The beautiful and everlasting pictures resulted from yet another photo session by Mariana Martinis of Glyph Creative Studio. The pictures of the couple, the beach, sun and the ocean speak for themselves.

Alexandra’s and Jose’s Wedding

Alexandra and Jose met through a friend in common… Even though it was a rainy day, the sky opened for few minutes to allow pictures be taken outside the venue; coincidence, luck or synchronicity some would say. Mariana at Glyph Creative Studio had photographed the couple’s engagement session last spring, and enjoyed the clients re-visit…. Read more »

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